Blue Heron

by Old Soul

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Truman James
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Truman James Even more heartbreaking than this album, was discovering the band long after they had disbanded. Regardless, this album is absolutely captivating-a spellbinding soundscape painted by a brush of passionate heartache. And screams. Lots of screams. Favorite track: Typha.
Morgan Wittinghofer
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Morgan Wittinghofer Just walked in as the singer announced "these next two songs are probably the last ones we will ever play", and it was intense enough I did not even think about regretting to miss the 30 minutes before that. Favorite track: To Have Loved and Lost.
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Vinyl will be released on the 22nd of June


released June 1, 2016

Old Soul is:
Mikey Baugher
Adrian Manges
Casey Long
Steven Hunt
Nick Magnell
Jimmy Stellwagen

Old Soul - -
Recorded in the winter of 2015-16 @ By J.C. Griffin
Mastered @ Northern Gypsy by Steven Hunt
LP Pressed @
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Poster Art by &

Zegema Beach Records –
IFB Records –
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Maniyax Records -
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Old Soul Michigan

Six friends who are doing something they love.

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Track Name: Typha
Witness the fallen typha
Witness the calming dream
Some live for the bays caress and some live for the breeze
Every crestfallen contact
Every scene cut in grey
Always envision concepts of our patience and why we constantly
Constantly pace, constantly change for the worst
If you dare ponder the sweet caress
You might be able to see like the rest
After the endings
They took it away
Sacrificed landings
For breeze on the bay.
Track Name: To Have Loved and Lost
What I wouldn’t give just to see her again
The world would burn if I could see her again
I’d let them all burn
See her again
Horizons, we can all find our homes on the horizons
Where we’ve loved and lost.
Track Name: Herons' Dance
Lifeless and contrived
A herons’ dance to split the skies
Lifeless so contrived
If I were starlight
Be fee
Free from loving
Free and Soothing
Fly with their wings tipped
With their wings tipped down for the night and they’ll fly
If you are willing to break the plane
You can’t be stopped
You wont stop
For the sake of a life contrived you must be one in a million
Fly together to share the lights
Reach right up to the ceiling
Track Name: Transcendence and Happenstance
Are we going away
Are we going today
Can we transcend our lives or are we lost in the wake
We’ve got nothing to give
We’ve got nothing to gain
Living in that moment has left me dragging chains
There was choking smoke
The heavens bent and broke
Transcendence drags its weight in happenstance
If we were given the chance
To see the herons dance
A safety net of chains and transcendence

Running short steps with footprints on the bay. Asking for vengeance to take us away. Asking the birds if they’re going to fly. Begging transcendence rips open the sky. All of her life she had watched for the dance, strutting and spinning just by happenstance
Living transcendence can level us through to something and someone that we’d never knew. Eating the barrels and making them fly. Never knowing they watched for the moment she’d die.

We don’t mean a thing
We never have
We’re nothing